Our Story | About Toraliba

We’re inspired to become a part of a brighter future for the world. We are Toraliba a family owned, wellness brand from coastal San Diego, Norway, that began in 2012 as an inspiration to create beautiful, dainty and fine quality jewelry for modern women. Since then we’ve continued to create clean, kind-to-skin jewelry with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

Our SPA-famous, award-winning jewelry is Kind to Skin as we only use skin-safe hypoallergenic materials. Toraliba sterling silver jewelry is suitable for people with sensitive skin and is 100% free of harmful alloys, metals or ingredients. We take sustainability seriously and strive to make environmentally-friendly choices wherever we can to produce in a way that is kind to people, animals, and the planet - down to the recycled paper used in our hand-folded gift boxes.

We believe in empowering beauty. 
We believe in inner peace and the power of slowing down.
We believe in music as a global language that connects us all.
We believe in sunset beach walks, natural inspiration and the expansive ocean views of Southern Norway.

Tune In With Us

Looking to enjoy some tunes and discover new music curated by Toraliba? Listen to our Soundcloud playlist from artists and creators of music & audio around the world.

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